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7725 W 87th Street
Overland Park, KS 66212


At The North Star Academy, our mission is to make a meaningful difference by assisting individuals and the families who support them.  We are committed to individuals reaching fulfilled and independent lives through the acquisition and retention of skills in an enriched environment


About us


The North Star Academy is an initiative of Community Living Opportunities (CLO).  North Star Academy provides early behavioral intervention for children ages 2½ to 12 years with intellectual or developmental disabilities, including children with autism spectrum disorder.
We focus on the individual child, taking into consideration their unique abilities, individual interests, and family’s priorities to develop an individualized curriculum intervention plan. Research shows that those children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who receive early, individualized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intervention have a greater chance for future success.


•    Curriculum-based assessment & intervention strategies to
     promote socially significant skill acquisition
•    Functional analysis & treatment of challenging behaviors such
      as self-injury, aggression, property destruction, disruptive    
      behavior, food selectivity, & toileting issues
•    Low staff-to-child ratios
•    Clinical programming based on the principles of Applied  
      Behavior Analysis (ABA)
•    Data-driven programming and decision making customized for
      each unique child


•  On-site behavioral training for parents, siblings, and additional     caregivers
•  Coordination of care with physicians and other support
•  Opportunities to interact with typically developing peers
•  On-site speech-language therapy and occupational therapy


Our goal is for children to acquire the skills necessary for inclusion in public schools, independent living, and meaningful social relationships. We use the principles of ABA to provide
best-practice, empirically based treatment.

North Star Academy’s approach includes:

 - Evidence-Based Individualized Intervention
 - Applied Research Program
 - Inclusive Setting (on the campus of North Star Child      Development Center with Johnson County Montessori School)
 - Training and Practicum Site


North Star Academy employs highly-credentialed clinicians who specialize in serving individuals with challenging behaviors and learning deficits in a safe, comfortable environment that fosters learning and progress. Staff have training in ABA and early childhood education. At NSA, children interact daily with a team of professionals and other typically developing peers dedicated to their well-being. NSA offers an outstanding onsite research program for ABA professionals.  Additionally, NSA is a valuable training and practicum site for undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral-level trainees.


Schedule 8:45 AM - 2:45 PM (Monday-Friday) 225+ days per year, including summer.
North Star Academy offers an outstanding on-site research program for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) professionals.
In addition,  NSA is a valuable training and practicum site for undergraduate-, Masters-, and Doctoral-level trainees.

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